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      Part of the objective of the Dominican Design System is to provide institutions with most of the necessary inputs to achieve the NORTIC certifications, which were conceived to normalize, standardize and have an auditing tool for the effective use and implementation of ICT in public administration, in order to achieve complete homogeneity and improvement of processes among government agencies.

      The following are the main elements that a web portal should contain according to the NORTIC.

      1. Responsive design. The tools must be flexible to changes in order to respond to different devices within the delimited structure.
      2. Header
      3. White background color Header and footer shall be aligned to the center of the screen. 1. Display of elements without overlapping on all devices 1.
      4. Scrolling in one direction only
      5. No use of bookmarks for automatic redirection on the pages.
      6. Fixed main menu in all sections
      7. Graphically point out the submenus of level II on level I.